Does Kanye West’s latest Rant Indicate beef with Jay Z?

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Rapper Kanye West is known for not bottling up his feelings, however his latest rant while in Seattle on Wednesday, October 19th during his Saint Pablo tour is stop has big names in the music industry as  it indicates a beef with Jay Z. Yes, the two Watch the Throne comrades have rumors swirling of a rift in their friendship. According to Yahoo Music “Kanye blasted Jay for not personally visiting him after wife Kim Kardashian got robbed in Paris, for never setting up a playdate with their kids, and for Tidal politics preventing him from linking up with Drake, an Apple music artist.”

Right now it’s not clear if Kanye is just in his feelings or if he’s really beefing with Jay Z. While at the Reasonable Doubt 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop Page Six caught of with Roc-A-Fella Co-Founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke to get his insight on Kanye’s latest rant. According to Page Six, Burke told them “I was shocked to hear what Kanye said on stage.” He went on to say “There was never anything rumbling… so when you hear these things in public, it’s a little shocking.” There has been no official reply from Jay Z regarding these comments. Both Jay and Kanye have made great music together, so hopefully this whole thing is just a big misunderstanding.



Floating Egos

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In recent Entertainment News a lot of buzz has been circulating around the floating stage concept. Rapper Kanye West is currently using a floating stage while on his Saint Pablo tour, which kicked off on August 25th in Indianapolis. While performing in Edmonton, AB West begin to accuse performers of ripping off his idea to use a floating stage saying “This is the original, accept no imitation!” He went on to say people ” be copying our s**t bro. Stealin our s**t, stealin our stage.” Many believe that this was a shot at rapper Drake, who is from Canada. Drake used a floating stage during his Summer Sixteen tour. Though there have been no reports of Drake responding to this implied diss of him “stealing” the idea from West, another party has joined this tug of war for the right to claim the floating stage as their idea.

South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest said the floating stage idea originated from him. According to, Nyovest said during his performance last year at Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg  he used a floating stage and posted the picture below on his Instagram page.


One thing is for sure, while all of these world renowned rappers are tugging at the right to claim the floating stage concept as their own, we must make note of the intense desire to be the originator of something great. Everyone wants to say they created something great; something that spread like fire throughout the world to make it a better place. With all things considered, this will inevitably inspire up and coming artists to put a stamp on the music business that is one of their own and that can not be duplicated, but only imitated.