You Are Not Alone

I am so saddened by the news of Robin William’s passing; so much in fact that I can’t stand to watch coverage of it on the news. Images of him always smiling and looking happy keep rotating in my head. The reality is we never know what someone is going through and how they feel when they’re alone with their thoughts.

We all have dark moments. Being parents of special needs kids presents it’s own set of challenges. However, we always rise to meet our challenges head on and the progress our children make on a daily basis is a testimony to that. So I guess my point is, it’s not if we have a dark moment that matters as much as what we do in it. Hurting ourselves should never be an option. I want ” Autism But Life Goes On” to be a place that we gather, swap thoughts, swap ideas, laugh and console each other. If you ever want to talk offline contact me at

Parents, don’t forget about YOU


As parents we live for our kids. We eat, sleep and breath kids. Think about it, we watch their television shows, eat the foods they like and hang out at the places they like to hang out. Seriously,not so long ago I found myself preferring cartoons over movies with real people in them.

Being a parent is the most important job we’ll have but we can’t forget about ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with have a little “me time.” As a matter of fact, a lack there of can lead to crankiness, being moody or just being too emotional. NEWS FLASH….WE’RE NOT ROBOTS. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t do a very good job of taking care of someone else.

I took my own advice yesterday and went to a networking event. There was music, food, story swapping and a peace of mind. Going to that event reminded me that I don’t have to give up my life to give my son a good one.

At the Boss Network Event.        At the Boss Network event

At the Boss Network event