An International Hello & Hug!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers and visitors from the U.S as well as other countries that routinely visit my page. To know that my blogs are touching people all over the world means more to me than I can put into words. I do my best to share stories, ideas and information that will be of use to people that come to my page. If you’d like me to cover anything that I’ve not touched on thus far please feel free to let me know. In the mean time here’s a big hello and hug from A.B.L.G.O to you!

The Decision Maker

Most nights I pick out the clothes Christian and I will wear the following day, however last night my think tank was full so I put this particular task off for today. Going through Christian’s clothes I thought maybe some shorts…no maybe pants since the temperature had dropped. OK blue jeans but with what t-shirt? Standing there with a couple of options in my hands I did something wonderful…I asked him which shirt he wanted to wear. He looked through the shirts I had pulled out and choose a very nice white t-shirt. What’s even better is it only took him 4 seconds to decide as opposed my 3 minutes.

Once again I was reminded that he is growing up. Furthermore, that I can give him more responsibilities now because he can handle them. Giving him chances to make more decision for himself allows for growth on his part…and mine.

The BIG picture

So life throws us curve balls sometimes. I walked everyday, ate lots of vegetables and never ever missed one my prenatal doctors appointments. The result, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy that just happens to be autistic. Am I less thrilled to have him? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The fact is that my son being autistic is just one label that fits him. His other labels include, happy, playful, funny, cute, quick learner, athletic and the list goes on and on.

It’s important that we not focus so much on what our children lack that we forget about all the great traits they possess. If you were going house hunting and found a house that was the perfect size, color, price and location you wouldn’t consider it any less great if you didn’t like the door knobs that were on the closets. You would work on the issues that needed adjusting and be thrilled about your work. The big picture is all the work that we do with our children now is so well worth the bright futures they have ahead of them.

The Lunch bag Model


The back to school shopping adventure is already showing it’s rewards! Christian’s so excited about his new back pack and lunch bag that he’s already asking to go to school. Today he put his new lunch bag on the handle of his scooter and road around with it while we ran our errands. It’s always nice to see that they’re excited about things that are outside of there normal focus zone, which for Christian is DVDs. Hooray for growth!

Just Say No

I wanted a salad, I needed a salad, however there wasn’t a single ingredient in my house that I wanted to use. So off we go to Walmart which is 4 miles away because I absolutely refused to go to the grocery store that’s closer and pay the ridiculous amount of money they charge for vegetables. When we were about to enter the parking lot I prepared Christian for the fact that he was not getting a DVD on this visit. He immediately frowned as on 8 out of 10 trips to Walmart he gets a DVD.

He walked around the store with me very patiently; ever so often asking to go to the DVD section, and each time I replied no. As we got in the checkout line he realized I was serious this time(I usually fold and let him pick out one despite saying no). He frowned for a few seconds but moved past it as we left the store. This is a big deal. I can remember a year or so ago when saying no to him about getting a DVD would lead to teary eyes and sniffles. Though he hasn’t had a meltdown in a couple of years teary eyes and sniffles can also be unpleasant.

I’m so grateful he’s growing. As a parent I’m constantly trying to prepare him to be a well adjusted individual. I’m constantly reminding myself that if I always cave to give him what he asks for, it will be difficult for him to hear the word no at school or anywhere else for that matter. Furthermore, if a sad face and teary eyes always yield the outcome he wants in a situation, what would be the incentive to behave any other way. Today I gave myself a check in the area of growth on my parent report card.

And the Winner is..


We did it! Christian and I started back to school shopping today. We started the trek to school supply supremacy at Walmart, where there was aisles and aisles of options. The first stop was the back pack section. It took Christian all of 4 seconds to choose a Super Mario Brothers back pack, which turned out to be the on school supply he was excited to get. Everything else I had to knag him into selecting. You know… which folder do you want, which lunch bag do you like the best? However, I am still stamping part 1 of the 4G back to school shopping a success! Part 2 will be shopping for clothes and shoes. Let the good times roll!


To 4G and Beyond

Today the temperature was in the low 70’s. Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 60’s. Pretty low temps for the summer, and we all know what that means…fall is coming, and what happens in the fall? The kids go back to school!

Christian is going to 4th grade this school year and we’re reeving up to do our back to school shopping later this week. I remember buying him a Buzz Lightyear back pack for kindergarten. Last school year he had an iron man back pack; pretty soon he won’t want characters on his back packs and pencil cases at all….sighhhh, he’s growing up. Lets see what he picks out this year; stay tuned.