As I sit here slumped down on the couch, I can’t help but to feel guilty for wanting just 1 more day of rest. Another day of getting up after the sun has risen and not before. Why oh why does the weekend seem like Saturday is the only day that you can fully enjoy? Friday you spend winding down from the week and Sunday you spend preparing for Monday.

Sigh…and now I feel guilty for complaining because a lot of people wish that had the life that I have. Ok, I’m done complaining; my super mom cape is hanging in the closet still warm from me just taking off. After 6 hours of sleep super mom will back in action!

Remind me… Who’s on the Spectrum?

So lets delve right into it! Today I reached another milestone; I registered Christian for his first after school program! In addition to being fun, I think this will give him more practice being independent(practicing his big boy skills). As I was signing him up for the program all of these ideas came to mind of how to transition him from going to my mom’s house after school to going to an after school program. Everything from arranging a visit prior to his first day there to how to explain his new routine to him came to mind. Then it hit me…”does he need help transitioning to a new routine, or do you?”

Christian typically does well with new things and doesn’t really get caught up in routines. Me on the other hand, has to know ever single detail of everything from start to finish a week in advance to feel comfortable with new routines. I thought people with autism had trouble adjusting to change. Hmmm….makes me wonder if I have spectrum tendencies. At the very least I’m a parent trying to learn how to let her first child grow up without blocking any progress. There lies another mountain to conquer.

Hang in There

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? As sure as the sun rises and sets everyday we have a list of things to do for our families that takes up all of our time. The good news is that we always get things taken care of. The not so good news is that sometimes we get overwhelmed and can get kind of down on ourselves. Knowing this, I want to take the time to encourage you and let you know you’re doing a great job. Nobody can do the things that you do for your loved ones quite like you. Hang in there and know that God sees your efforts. The wonderful adventures we’re having right now will be attention grabbing stories in years to come.

The “B” Word


Hello there! So I thought that maybe we could do a refresher course on a topic I touch on periodically but apparently in the past few weeks forgot to incorporate into my own life…again.

 Like every year around this time, trees began to thin out, jackets are pulled to the front of the closet and our little darlings go back to school. All of this means lots of small changes to our schedules and takes some readjusting. The catch to managing all of this is to remember that lots of little things combined make bigger things.

While multi-tasking and micromanaging everything I forgot to include one ingredient into this cake of life; I forgot to include some time for myself. For the past couple of days I’ve been emotional and found it took longer to make fairly simple decisions, so today when Christian I got home I sat on the sectional and began to pondering about what was causing this sudden change. This proved to be a tricky task because no single thing stuck out as being wrong. I went down my list of everything that I was doing and noticed that nothing included something just for me. Once again I’m reminded that we can get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. This almost always leads to a meltdown of some kind. Fortunately I figured this out in time to do something about it without disrupting the flow of my family life.

In conclusion friends, don’t forget to take care of you. Believe it or not there is a such thing as a BALANCE between loving ourselves and our families at the same time.We love our families so much and wouldn’t want to let them down because we’ve let ourselves down.

Decisions Are All They’re Cracked Up To Be

Today after I picked Christian up from school we stopped at a gas station we recently discovered. This particular gas station has two restaurants inside, so before getting gas we decided to look at the menu. We’re both big fans of Mexican food so it was almost a no brainer to order tacos to go. However, before I ordered I asked Christian if he wanted tacos. After all he can talk and a little over a year ago started to give his input as to what we ate. After asking him what he wanted to eat I discovered he wanted pizza instead.

It’s such a natural reaction as a parent to make all of the decisions because we have to run our households. However, I was reminded today that as our kids grow, it’s important to let them share their opinions and make decisions. Life is full of decisions and because being able to make good ones is so important practicing make them, no matter how small they are, can only help in the long run. I guess as a parent I grew a little today.