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Operation Day 1

The first day of school went extremely well! His new teacher seems nice                        &         2.His classroom has the same 3 teachers aides he’s had for the past 3 years ****I asked Christian how his day was and he replied “NICE DAY.” CONCLUSION: Mom’s happy.

Shaking in my Sandles

Well these are the last few hours of the big countdown. For the past few weeks we’ve been preparing for this point and now it’s finally here; tomorrow is the first day of the school year. Christian couldn’t be happier; he’s asked to wear his backpack everyday for […]

Big News

The feelings of both excitement and nervousness flow through me as I share with you that Autism But Life Goes On is officially Autism But Life Goes On Inc. For the past couple of years I’ve shared with individuals my experiences as the mother of an autistic child. Time […]

Taste Test Adventure

        Last night Christian and I went to the Rainforest Café for dinner….or should I call it a taste testing adventure. Christian tried Mexican eggrolls and fried cheese sticks for the first time and I tried oysters for the first time. We both did pretty good giving […]