The “B” Word


Hello there! So I thought that maybe we could do a refresher course on a topic I touch on periodically but apparently in the past few weeks forgot to incorporate into my own life…again.

 Like every year around this time, trees began to thin out, jackets are pulled to the front of the closet and our little darlings go back to school. All of this means lots of small changes to our schedules and takes some readjusting. The catch to managing all of this is to remember that lots of little things combined make bigger things.

While multi-tasking and micromanaging everything I forgot to include one ingredient into this cake of life; I forgot to include some time for myself. For the past couple of days I’ve been emotional and found it took longer to make fairly simple decisions, so today when Christian I got home I sat on the sectional and began to pondering about what was causing this sudden change. This proved to be a tricky task because no single thing stuck out as being wrong. I went down my list of everything that I was doing and noticed that nothing included something just for me. Once again I’m reminded that we can get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. This almost always leads to a meltdown of some kind. Fortunately I figured this out in time to do something about it without disrupting the flow of my family life.

In conclusion friends, don’t forget to take care of you. Believe it or not there is a such thing as a BALANCE between loving ourselves and our families at the same time.We love our families so much and wouldn’t want to let them down because we’ve let ourselves down.

Taking Off My Cape


It’s been a…busy week. No complaints but just ready to relax. My son and I have finished back to school shopping, I’ve been to the grocery store at least 3 times and have been up late every single night this week working on stuff. It’s been a busy week and I don’t have a problem with that. However, tonight… in a half an hour to be exact, I am taking off my super mom cape, hanging it in the closet and going to assume the role I don’t often get to play; I am going to be a woman. A plan woman minus all the other titles I have to wear most of the time. Cheers!

I Stopped to Breathe


  So today started off like every other day usually does . I got up, fixed Christian breakfast, made the beds, picked out Christian and I something to wear, took too long to shower(as usual), instructed Christian on how to brush his hair(he usually focuses on one side of his head), rushed out the house to get to a meeting a half an hour later than I planned and took Christian to my mom’s house. Like I said, the day started out like it usually does. The meeting went extremely well despite running over 2 hours and I left the office feeling pretty good.

As I pulled out the parking lot I started making a list in my head of the items I needed to pick up from the grocery store and tried to pin point exactly what time we’d be getting home. I had just missed the green light when I looked to my right and saw the nail shop that I go to in my spare time(whatever that is). I made the very conscious decision to stop and get a manicure and get my toe nails polished. As I stood staring at the wall with all the nail polishes lined up on it I felt myself breathe. This was completely unplanned….and I was thrilled.

More times than not when I stop to do something for myself it’s kind of random. Random or not we’ve got to make time for ourselves as parents/care takers. Not to say that we would take care of our children any less, but being happy with ourselves might make it a lot easier.

Parents, don’t forget about YOU


As parents we live for our kids. We eat, sleep and breath kids. Think about it, we watch their television shows, eat the foods they like and hang out at the places they like to hang out. Seriously,not so long ago I found myself preferring cartoons over movies with real people in them.

Being a parent is the most important job we’ll have but we can’t forget about ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with have a little “me time.” As a matter of fact, a lack there of can lead to crankiness, being moody or just being too emotional. NEWS FLASH….WE’RE NOT ROBOTS. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t do a very good job of taking care of someone else.

I took my own advice yesterday and went to a networking event. There was music, food, story swapping and a peace of mind. Going to that event reminded me that I don’t have to give up my life to give my son a good one.

At the Boss Network Event.        At the Boss Network event

At the Boss Network event