I periodically think back to my initial reaction 6 years ago when I was told that my now 9 year old son had autistic spectrum disorder. I can very clearly remember thinking how the doctor was the nicest idiot I’d ever met. Surely my son couldn’t be autistic….I was among the top students all my years in school. Not to mention that I ate tons of vegetables, walked regularly when I was pregnant and never missed any of my prenatal appointments. I politely thanked the doctor for his time and Christian and I went home to take an afternoon knap. I never once mentioned the doctor’s diagnosis to anyone until a year later.

 I accepted the fact that Christian was autistic when he was 4 years old and what should’ve been words were just sounds. I immediately jumped into action and searched for schools with quality autism programs and got us involved in social skills groups and play groups. I was as determined then as I am now to make sure my son receives a quality education and has a great childhood full of wonderful experiences.

I look forward to my blog being a link in the chain that brings special needs families together!