Decisions Are All They’re Cracked Up To Be

Today after I picked Christian up from school we stopped at a gas station we recently discovered. This particular gas station has two restaurants inside, so before getting gas we decided to look at the menu. We’re both big fans of Mexican food so it was almost a no brainer to order tacos to go. However, before I ordered I asked Christian if he wanted tacos. After all he can talk and a little over a year ago started to give his input as to what we ate. After asking him what he wanted to eat I discovered he wanted pizza instead.

It’s such a natural reaction as a parent to make all of the decisions because we have to run our households. However, I was reminded today that as our kids grow, it’s important to let them share their opinions and make decisions. Life is full of decisions and because being able to make good ones is so important practicing make them, no matter how small they are, can only help in the long run. I guess as a parent I grew a little today.

The Decision Maker

Most nights I pick out the clothes Christian and I will wear the following day, however last night my think tank was full so I put this particular task off for today. Going through Christian’s clothes I thought maybe some shorts…no maybe pants since the temperature had dropped. OK blue jeans but with what t-shirt? Standing there with a couple of options in my hands I did something wonderful…I asked him which shirt he wanted to wear. He looked through the shirts I had pulled out and choose a very nice white t-shirt. What’s even better is it only took him 4 seconds to decide as opposed my 3 minutes.

Once again I was reminded that he is growing up. Furthermore, that I can give him more responsibilities now because he can handle them. Giving him chances to make more decision for himself allows for growth on his part…and mine.

To 4G and Beyond

Today the temperature was in the low 70’s. Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 60’s. Pretty low temps for the summer, and we all know what that means…fall is coming, and what happens in the fall? The kids go back to school!

Christian is going to 4th grade this school year and we’re reeving up to do our back to school shopping later this week. I remember buying him a Buzz Lightyear back pack for kindergarten. Last school year he had an iron man back pack; pretty soon he won’t want characters on his back packs and pencil cases at all….sighhhh, he’s growing up. Lets see what he picks out this year; stay tuned.

Good Times

Christian’s first dance went extremely well! He spent the majority of his time there hanging out with the other kids on the dance floors as I sat at a table with other parents and camp counselors. It’s funny how we get these small reminders ever so often about how they’re growing up. There was a time when he would’ve clung to me the entire time at an event like this. Instead he choose to hangout with the other kids…wow.


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