As many people know, I turned Autism But Life Goes On into a business a couple of months ago. My reason for doing this was to have a hands on impact on the lives of the people that visit the site. I read a lot of stories from parents that are forced to choose between services for their children because they can’t afford services and medication. I also read about people who are having a hard time with getting IEPs done correctly. I’d like to make Autism But Life Goes On a place where people can turn for help with these matters as well as other needs.

While Autism But Life Goes On has been successful in the number of people it reaches all over the world,  I’d like to take it to the next level. I’m asking for donations to help me get it to a place where it’s impact can be greater. No donation is too small and all will go toward this cause. Thanks for your help!

Don’t Just Exist…Actually Live

Hello friends,

I write today as a mom, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a friend and most of all a person. My plan for today is simple…I plan to live. Yes, actually live and not just exist. I’m going to buy me a pumpkin spice Frappuccino and walk around with my head held high because I matter. I’ve found that existing automatically happens but living takes intentional effort. I challenge you to go out and live on purpose today.

Your Pal


It’s Happening!


All the praying and hard work is paying off. Christian’s doing his homework by himself. I check it after he finishes of course, but I’m so happy that he has the confidence and courage to do it without me sitting right next to him or hovering over him. Parents our work is worth it. High 5!

Hang in There

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? As sure as the sun rises and sets everyday we have a list of things to do for our families that takes up all of our time. The good news is that we always get things taken care of. The not so good news is that sometimes we get overwhelmed and can get kind of down on ourselves. Knowing this, I want to take the time to encourage you and let you know you’re doing a great job. Nobody can do the things that you do for your loved ones quite like you. Hang in there and know that God sees your efforts. The wonderful adventures we’re having right now will be attention grabbing stories in years to come.

Life on the Clock


I’ve been spending some time with my brother in his hospice the past couple of days. Watching him in this phase of his life has made me painfully aware of just how serious the way we spend our time in this life is. All of the “I’ll do it laters and the “there’s always tomorrows” flow out of our mouths so easily because we’ve been ignoring the fact that our time here will run out one day. My brother has lived a very happy and fulfilled life and appears to have no regrets at this point. He has never ran from hard work, been an amazing father to his daughter, been an awesome brother to his siblings and a wonder son to his parents. Thinking over the way he has lived his life makes me wonder if I’m doing enough with my own.

I have been reminded that living a great and fulfilled life does not happen by accident. We must boldly chase our dreams, Fall in Love to stay there forever, treat people the way we want to be treated and love our children relentlessly, as the way that we care for them now will echo for decades after we’re gone.

We’re in the process of giving our children a wonderful childhood; lets mix in a wonderful adulthood for ourselves. Lets stop putting off things that matter to us until tomorrow. One day our children will look at us and wonder if we’ve live a fulfilled life; what will be the answer that they come up with?