Category: Suggestions

The Decision Maker

Most nights I pick out the clothes Christian and I will wear the following day, however last night my think tank was full so I put this particular task off for today. Going through Christian’s clothes I thought maybe some shorts…no maybe pants since the temperature had dropped. […]

The BIG picture

So life throws us curve balls sometimes. I walked everyday, ate lots of vegetables and never ever missed one my prenatal doctors appointments. The result, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy that just happens to be autistic. Am I less thrilled to have him? ABSOLUTELY […]

Just Say No

I wanted a salad, I needed a salad, however there wasn’t a single ingredient in my house that I wanted to use. So off we go to Walmart which is 4 miles away because I absolutely refused to go to the grocery store that’s closer and pay the ridiculous […]

What an Appetite

     Today Christian and I are going out to have frozen yogurt. We have a favorite spot that we enjoy going to about 10 minutes from our house. It’s funny….I remember when I couldn’t get Christian to try frozen yogurt let alone much of anything else. The only […]