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Operation Day 1

The first day of school went extremely well! His new teacher seems nice                        &         2.His classroom has the same 3 teachers aides he’s had for the past 3 years ****I asked Christian how his day was and he replied “NICE DAY.” CONCLUSION: Mom’s happy.

Shaking in my Sandles

Well these are the last few hours of the big countdown. For the past few weeks we’ve been preparing for this point and now it’s finally here; tomorrow is the first day of the school year. Christian couldn’t be happier; he’s asked to wear his backpack everyday for […]

Taking Off My Cape

It’s been a…busy week. No complaints but just ready to relax. My son and I have finished back to school shopping, I’ve been to the grocery store at least 3 times and have been up late every single night this week working on stuff. It’s been a busy week […]

The Decision Maker

Most nights I pick out the clothes Christian and I will wear the following day, however last night my think tank was full so I put this particular task off for today. Going through Christian’s clothes I thought maybe some shorts…no maybe pants since the temperature had dropped. […]