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Autism Love

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Proud Mom

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This is the face of a proud mom of an autistic son.


Politics and Autism

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The upcoming Presidential Election has once again brought the fierce exchange of insult slinging between the two candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Like many Americans, I’ve been following the Presidential Debates and watched the latest of the two which aired on Sunday, October 9th. There was the typical talk of politics and how each of the candidates felt they could do a better job than the other… but then it happened… I heard a little piece that was targeted specifically at me. Hillary Clinton stated that she has worked to make sure special needs children are give the proper resources in schools to lead meaningful lives. My brain immediately hit the refresh button for my body as I immediately became more attentive and focused on what the two candidates were saying.

Hillary Clinton was right to make note of the efforts that she has made to insure that our children have education equality and are given the same opportunities as other children to become productive members of society. NEWS FLASH everyone, WE MATTER. Every single day we take care of our special needs loved ones and our efforts are not in vain. We are preparing great people to do great things, so it is befitting that a Presidential Candidate boast about what she is doing and plans to do for us because WE MATTER. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this topic; I welcome your comments.

A Small Break for A Big Come Back

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Hello All,

I’ve been away from the site for awhile preparing things so that A.B.L.G.O can be better than ever. I have lots of new experiences to share and resources to add to the Resource page. I’ll start to unfold things on Sunday, March 15th. The countdown is on!


Don’t Just Exist…Actually Live

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Hello friends,

I write today as a mom, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a friend and most of all a person. My plan for today is simple…I plan to live. Yes, actually live and not just exist. I’m going to buy me a pumpkin spice Frappuccino and walk around with my head held high because I matter. I’ve found that existing automatically happens but living takes intentional effort. I challenge you to go out and live on purpose today.

Your Pal


And the Beat Goes On

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I’ve been running around all day….and still have two more stops to go. If I can promise you anything it’s that life does not/will not stop for you. The good news is that being a parent gives you super powers that seem to come to surface when you look at your children. This was a quick super mom update…

10 Things I Never Imagined I Would Say As A Mom

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This made me laugh so hard and I wanted to share my laughter with you!