Just Say No

I wanted a salad, I needed a salad, however there wasn’t a single ingredient in my house that I wanted to use. So off we go to Walmart which is 4 miles away because I absolutely refused to go to the grocery store that’s closer and pay the ridiculous amount of money they charge for vegetables. When we were about to enter the parking lot I prepared Christian for the fact that he was not getting a DVD on this visit. He immediately frowned as on 8 out of 10 trips to Walmart he gets a DVD.

He walked around the store with me very patiently; ever so often asking to go to the DVD section, and each time I replied no. As we got in the checkout line he realized I was serious this time(I usually fold and let him pick out one despite saying no). He frowned for a few seconds but moved past it as we left the store. This is a big deal. I can remember a year or so ago when saying no to him about getting a DVD would lead to teary eyes and sniffles. Though he hasn’t had a meltdown in a couple of years teary eyes and sniffles can also be unpleasant.

I’m so grateful he’s growing. As a parent I’m constantly trying to prepare him to be a well adjusted individual. I’m constantly reminding myself that if I always cave to give him what he asks for, it will be difficult for him to hear the word no at school or anywhere else for that matter. Furthermore, if a sad face and teary eyes always yield the outcome he wants in a situation, what would be the incentive to behave any other way. Today I gave myself a check in the area of growth on my parent report card.

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